Monday, January 01, 2007

At Last!

I've finished my degree at last with the Open University: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Natural Sciences with Environmental Sciences, and have been offered, and accepted, first-class honours. I started this degree in 2001 on a part-time basis and it's certainly kept me busy after work and at weekends. I'm now booked in for the award ceremony at Ely Cathedral.

It's been a very interesting time though, and some of them have been the best times ever. I've studied physics, chemistry and geosciences, but have specialized in biology and environmental sciences. I've studied at residential schools at Heriot-Watt University, The University of Nottingham (both the Queen's Medical Centre and the School of Biology) and the Field Studies Council's field centres at Malham Tarn in the Yorkshire Dales and Derrygonnelly in County Fermanagh. Some of my favourite courses were Ecology, Environmental Science in the Field and The Environmental Web.

I must've enjoyed my studies, as I'm now doing a Masters degree in Science and a Postgraduate Certificate in Professional Studies in Education. Mind you, people do say quality study is addictive... it must be the endorphins.